Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turris close

Reports that a Kyle Turris trade is very close.  Whether or not the Canucks are in on the 'Yotes winger depends on what blogs you follow.  I'm drawing my conclusions from last night's Edmonton loss and I would have to figure that if a top-six upgrade is available anywhere Mike Gillis is interested.

The newly minted American Express line has a catch handle but looks like it might not have the chemistry to last long.  They had flashes in last nights game and of course it's early but a quick look at the make up of that trio shows the need for a play maker and Turris fits the bill.

Like the Booth deal this is a great opportunity for GM Mike Gillis to do his best Billy Beane impersonation and steal an undervalued asset.  Turris as a hold out is worth about half of what Turris under contract could fetch, and lucky for any Phoenix trade partners he hasn't panned out just yet.  Make no mistake this kid has the talent and put on a wing with Booth and Kess could rack up the assists.  If he's available then the Canucks should make a serious play for him.

It's been reported that Phoenix was in no rush to move him but something in one of the offers from the as many as five reported interested parties has become the catalyst - could that offer have been a prospect from the Canucks?

There aren't too many more one goal losses to the Oilers to be tolerated in this young season - if it's not Turris then they will look elsewhere for help

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