Monday, October 17, 2011

Lou-sing grip

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Even though Roberto Luongo is a notoriously slow starter the goaltending controversy in Vancouver is probably already at a fevered pitch, but it really isn't a controversy at all.  Just do this simple comparison:

Cory Schneider: 2.03 GAA/.935 Save Percentage
Roberto Luongo: 3.61GAA/.871 Save Percentage

Who should be the starter?

Cory Schneider 2011 Salary:  $900,000
Roberto Luongo 2011 Salary: $6,716,000

Who should be the starter?

It's not a question of who is supposed to be the number one guy, but rather, who is playing like it.  When you've got two very capable goalies it should be an open competition for control of the crease.  Right now Cory Schneider is playing better so regardless of his place on the totem pole he should be starting tomorrow's game, whether it's at home or away, until he loses or we have a back-to-back situation. And more so if Lou does get a start and it goes to shoot-out then coach V should put Schneider in considering Lou's shootout save percentage this year is a whopping .000.

Team's can get burried in October with the loser point and league parity.  The idea that allowing Roberto Luongo to ease in to the regular season like an old man in to a bath is ludacris.  Even worse it sends a horrible message to the fans, the team and Cory Schneider when he is playing great and not getting the opportunity he deserves. 

This isn't a Roberto witch hunt by any means.  If Cory Schneider started the next game and lost then Lou should go in, but it's obvious to me that Cory is the better goalie and that the team plays far better in their own end and around their net when Cool Cory is playing.

We all saw how Lou played when Schneider did well.  It created a healthy competition between the teams puckstops rather than a salary based hierarchy and that just sounds like a recipe for success.

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