Thursday, October 13, 2011

don't worry, he's a slow starter

Don't worry Vancouver fans, we all know Roberto Luongo is a slow starter.

Unfortunately as teams like New Jersey and Toronto will attest a few lost points early in the year can cost you an entire season. 

In todays game you don't get the luxury of being a slow starter, and you sure don't ever get to be paid amongst the highest in your position to let in 5 goals on 27 shots, especially when your team gives you more than enough offense for a road win.  How deflating can it be for a team to fight back to tie a game 4 -4 on the road only to see the last line of defense let in a softy over the glove?

If Cory Schneider wins tonight in Detroit then AV should start him in Edmonton too - plain and simple.

They aren't Louing anymore

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