Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chicago wake-up call

Canucks chat with B-Dub and inside the Pride with Lions' O-Lineman Jesse Newman:  

  A win tonight against the new Caps could be considered an early turning point for the Canucks. Win or lose let’s reflect on the season that was. Do you recall the turning point last year?  It was a lot later than tonight would be – November 20th at home against rival Chicago on Hockey Night in Canada, and they laid an absolute egg getting blown out on home ice to their most bitter rival. They got a chance to redeem themselves the following night against Phoenix but dropped that one as well – it was the low water mark for the year, and from then to their first round meeting with the Hawks everything was coming up roses. 
Would a win tonight right the ship or would a reality checking blow-out be more in order?  Can this year’s Canucks afford to wait until another mid-November date with the hated Hawks?  They’ll get two chances, one on the road on the 8th and one at home on the 16th.
Like tonight’s opponent the Caps the Hawks have undergone an offseason retrofit and have emerged a grittier team more resembling the Cup winning roster from two seasons back.  They picked up some experience and muscle on the back-end in Sean O’Donnell, veteran winger Jamal Mayers and pest Daniel Carcillo whose offseason press conference set the table for a reinvigorated rivalry. Of the Canucks Carcillo had to say:
“Umm, I watched that series, and uh, I don’t know, I’m I’m actually pretty excited to uhhh, to play them ‘cause there’s a few guys there that I think uh, you know, played a little bit outside of their shoes and umm, I can uhh, I think I can keep most of those guys in check when we play them this year.”
Anybody specifically on the Canucks? “Laperriere, Glass and Torres.” And to clarify “Laperriere is at the top of the list though.”
While nothing happened October when Glass and his new team, the Jets, travelled to Chi-Town Carcillo did manage a hooking penalty on the road against Torres’ Coyotes. So will Car-Bomb manage to keep the man at the top of his list in his shoes come November?  The bigger questions is: will Canucks GM manage to pull off a trade for a guy named Laperriere in time?

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