Sunday, October 30, 2011

Canucks Trivia with a Twist and Prizes

Last month I was listening to an interview with an Indie film director on the CBC about the making of his most recent documentary, a journey to find his Native Name.  When I got home I Googled ‘Find my First Nation’s Name’ and came up with a website that gives it to you after entering your full name and sex.  This became a pretty fun party game and so on Halloween’s Eve I thought I would try it with some of the current members of the Canucks, with a twist.  I’ll write the name and a brief description, you try to guess the player – the first person to tweet, text, email or facebook me the 100% correct answer key wins a terrific prize from thecanucksblog.

Melkedoodum Heskovizenako or Conceited Porcupine Bear – While his play at times makes you feel like you’ve been sitting on a porcupine he has been called many things but I don’t think conceited is fair; definitely generous on the rebounds but not conceited.
Appenimon Viponnah or Trusted Slim Face – His face hasn’t received as much attention lately as the rest of him, but he was recently rewarded for being trusted in his own end.
Kesegowaase Kotori or Swift Screech Owl Spirit – He must’ve earned the first part in his early playing days but when he loads up his trademark shot it still makes opponents (and sometimes Canucks trainers) screech.
Ezhno Howahkah or Solitary One of the Mysterious Voice – Sometimes his on-ice behavior keeps him in solitary for 2:00 or less.  His mysterious voice was a big point of contention when he joined the team but it seems to have been tamed.
Makkapitew Adahy or Large Toothed one who Lives in the Woods – I know what you’re thinking but no it’s not newly acquired David Booth and although he looks to have found his way out of the forests the Canucks haven’t traded for Ilya Bryzgalov.  This Canuck was once a high draft pick who cut his apparently large teeth alongside the Great One himself, but quickly found himself reinventing his game and becoming one of the league’s most dependable defensive forwards.
Send along your own suggestions for an appropriate First Nations Canuck name and the best one will win a consolation prize.  You can tweet ‘em to me @thecanucksblog or email .

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