Monday, October 10, 2011

How are the Twins not the top pair in the league?

I was just reading a piece by Barry Melrose on, and while I appreciate it for the conversation starter qualities (which it apparently succeeded at) I have to seriously question his rankings.

Melrose was ranking the top five offensive pairings in the league and with all due respect they are way, way off:

5 - St.Louis and Stamkos
4 - Zetterberg and Datsyul
3 - Henrik and Daniel
2 - Kane and Toews
1 - Perry and Getzlaf

While I do agree these are the top five it was hard to keep Sid and Gino out but they aren't really a pairing and the only other duo I felt came close was Ovi and Backstrom but they had a serious off year last season that just barely kept them out.  I would re-rank as follows

5 - Kane and Toews: Offensively they trail the other four, but, they are young and already have Cup Rings and Olympic hardware.  Their ranking was not so much a reflection of self but the amazing talent they are spoken in the same breath with.

4 - Zetterberg and Datyuk: I nearly ranked these two fifth but then I thought, 'how could I'?  Look at what they've done and what happens to their games come playoff time.  Next year they may slide a spot as they age but I doubt it.

3 - Stamkos and St.Louis: At this point you're really splitting hairs.  Steve Stamkos has scored the most goals in the league over the past two seasons.  If Sid doesn't return 100% he may just prove to be the best forward in the league this season, and in terms of chemistry Stammer and St.Louis are amazing to watch.

2 - Perry and Getzlaf: The most gritt collectively of any pairing, these two are power players and arguably have the best sidekick of the group in Bobby Ryan.  They bring a lot to the table, also have the hardware to back it up and despite an injury plagued season for Getzy have to be in the top 3.

1 - Hank and Dank: Quite simply how can the last two leading scorers playing together not be considered the top duo in the NHL?

This has inspired me to list the top five D pairings - check the blog later for my list

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