Thursday, December 30, 2010

report card pt.3

just lost the final round of my report card and I'm not about to do it full-out again.  In brief....

Bieksa: B, played well, but not played himself out of town - still tries to force plays in dangerous zones
Ballard: C+, low point totals but shown great skating and tough in own zone
Hamhuis: C, Hasn't shown his full worth yet; better Offense and Physicality than expected, give-a-ways tho
Rome: C-, Team worst minus-5 sums it up
Alberts: B, and a strong, playing up to 20 minutes a game and chipping in offensively while limiting bad PIMs

Lou: C+, .914 Save Percentage not good enough for highest paid player of the year
Schneider:  A, How could it be any less, he only plays twice a month and hasn't lost in regulation yet

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