Wednesday, December 29, 2010

report card continued

Revolving Door of 4th Liners: B

I'll do this category collectively, explaining why each brings the grade up, and who may have brought it down, not including Schaeffer and Rypien, moving in order from worst to best.

Guillaume Desbien - Having a hard time keeping up, posting a -3 in 12 games, second worst on team: C
Joel Perraultt -  Brought in to be responsible fourth line centre, didn't look out of place, Bliz was better: C+
Mario Bliznak - Pleasant Surprise, called up earlier than expected (if at all) and was very responsible: B
Alex Bolduc - Versatile, and much improved, you get the sense the full time job is his to lose: B
Jonas Andersson - Could bring much needed offensive punch to fourth line, very phsyical: B
Aaron Volpatti - Showed he can chip in, willing to take all comers, good forechecker: B+

I like the format of trying new players every so often, and the ability to use certain players in different situations according to the oposition.  As the season progresses however I think we'll see Hodgson at centre, just a hunch, on the fourth line with some second unit PP time.  All of the above have played well, but their offense is limited, and a scorer like Hodgson could be the difference maker come playoff time. 


Very close to an A+, anyone who thinks Edler is not a true #1 defenseman is just a little too critical.  In my opinion one of the top ten in the league as no area of his game is lacking.  He is physical.  He plays big minutes, and all minutes. Skates well, good passer, nice shot, very calm and all at 24 years old; what else do you want?  22 points in 35 games, plus-9 rating and played up to the hype this year.

Ehrhoff: B

Scoring is still very much there, and has played through pain admirably, and one of a few great skating Nux D, but seems to be off ot a slow start overall.  Can score, needs to work on keeping it out, but you can't get everything all the time...definitely the top pairing with Eddy.

postponed again...another call, will continue later

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