Friday, December 10, 2010

Henrik and Daniel are locks for jersey retirement

Just an afterthough we are sure running out of numbers fast for a team that doesn't have any cups.  Along with Smyl's 8, Linden's 16 and Naslund's 19 are 99 retired league wide for Wayne Gretzky as well as Wayne Maki's 11 and Luc Bourdon's 28 which have been taken out of circulation.  Undoubtedly Henrik's 33 and Daniel's 22 are next; both men poised to become the firt 1,000 point Canucks players.  If Bure ever gets retired that could be two numbers: 10 and 96.  That would be ten of a possible 99 numbers taken out of use for a club who has 0 Cups in 40 Seasons.

The Canucks expansion cousin Buffalo Sabres retired an entire line, the French Connection, as well as Tim Horton, Danny Gare and Pat Lafontaine so I guess that puts us on pace with the Sabres, but neither team has ever won a cup...somehow winning has to figure in to this jersey retirement equation.

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