Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The real story is Lou

How many times can your team post a beautiful display of balanced scoring against a team (rusty or not) that was until recently considered by many the best in the league and goaltending is the big story?  In Vancouver,  more often than usual.

The Nux shelled Philly for 49 shots, dominating play in all zones in a 6 - 2 home ice victory, but they also surrendered 37 shots on net with Bobby Lou turning aside all but two, the last a flukey own goal.  Even if he had let in four goals it wouldn't matter because what was important is how he played.  Lou hasn't looked so calm in net all year, and while taking only one regularion loss this December he has seemed to be fighting the puck all year; last night he looked like Lou of old, and if this means he's hitting his stride then this team is going to another level.

Without tower of power Chris Pronger for another month the Flyers D-Corps seemed unable to thwart a balanced Canucks attack.  Well Rested or Rusty?  Either way it's no excuse.  The Canucks deserve full praises for beating the Flyers at home for the first time in 22 years.

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