Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nux Trade Talk

Hockeybuzz is reporting that Cory Schneider was discussed in the David Booth deal.  The way the deal shaked out if Schneider was involved you would have to think the proposed swap would've been for a lot more than Booth since his big contract was acquired for spare parts.  Now Florida is reportedly trying to shed Stephen Weiss' salary from the books; can the Canucks go back to the well one more time?  Were they trying to get both Booth and Weiss in one deal?

Weiss is on the hook for 4 million this year and 4.1 next, not exactly as binding as Booth's pact and thusly he would come at a higher price, could it have been Schneider, Sturm, Samuelson and a pick for Booth, Weiss and a pick?  Weiss has 10 points in 11 games to start the season for the surprising Panthers.  Even though they added a ton of offensive help in the offseason they would be remiss to replace a legit top six forward when they're in the middle of a playoff push; remember, this is the same team that played chicken with UFA Jay Buowmeester and lost both the player and a shot at the post season.

In my opinion Weiss would be a great fit on the second line and second power play unit.  I think he has untapped potential that could explode on a team like the Canucks, but at what cost?

The main point of the hockeybuzz posting wasn't that Schneider was inquired about by Florida, and apparently by Tampa and a host of other interested suitors.  It was in respect to a fresh start for Roberto Luongo and how Florida would make sense.  I agree Lou might just need a new start and I hate any contract that binds a player to a team in to retirement but does a return to Florida for Luongo really make sense for the Panthers?  I don't think so.  Jakob Markstrom is going to be a great goalie and you can't bury him behind 11 more years of Luongo.  This trade will not happen if Markstrom is in Florida and a deal that sees Markstrom traded is going to require more than the massive contract of a fickle Vezina calibre goaltender.

I don't see any way that Lou makes a return to Flordia without Markstrom being a part of the deal and I don't see that happening either.  If Lou is indeed moved then I would expect the Canucks to ink Cory Schneider long term putting Markstrom in the same place he would be in Florida behind Lou. 

At any rate I agree that Lou might need a fresh start and that trading Cory Schneider might be a massive mistake.  It is becoming clear that the current situation isn't healthy and that a move either way is a possibility.

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