Thursday, November 17, 2011

Canucks Trivia with a Twist and Prizes

Back by popular demand here is the 'Guess that Canuck' trivia game.  In this instalment I provide the Hipster name for five of our favourite current Canucks, as well as a brief description of that player, and the first person to answer correctly wins a Tim Horton's gift card.  Send your answers to

1. Kingston Theo: This Canuck was a 'king' of offense early in the season but has since cooled off, and brings the kind of speed and determination that another famous Theo was noted for.  The Nux recently hosted and roasted his hometown NHL team.

2. Ray Frank: To be frank it's looking like the team the Canucks traded with to get this guy got fleeced.

3. Rufus Hugo: This guy has the propensity to be excellent on a nightly basis, but lately he's been accused of spending more time swimming on the ice than Roberto Luongo (hint, it's not Roberto Luongo).

4. Miles Ike: This young man has come miles from the player we first saw in camp, and is starting to show the type of skill that made him the tenth overall pick in his draft year.

5. Odin Holden: This ginger hipster has been Holden on to pucks in his last few starts hoping for a break in the action. The team has left him high and dry and scored only two goals total in his past three starts.

Ok, some easy, some not so easy - hit me up with your answers to and we'll find out who gets to take home a Tim Horton's gift card.

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