Tuesday, September 20, 2011

man of two minds

I'm torn.

I'd love to see the Canucks bring in a local kid with a ton of potential.

I'd hate to see the Canucks waste assets on a kid with unrealistic expectations only to eventually lose him.

I'd like to see the Canucks add some youth to their top six.

I'd like to see that youth have proven themselves a little more.

Yes, Kye Turris could very well become the player he was supposed to be in the top six with the Nux high powered offense. I agree he played a limited roll on a defensive team in Phoenix and it probably didn't help, however, he really hasn't lived up to expectations.

With the immenant trading of Kyle Turris out of Phoenix it seems likely that rumors of Vancouver's interest may be valid, but, is there room? Are Turris' current contract negotiations just a ploy to get him out of the desert?

Time will tell

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