Monday, September 26, 2011

The Co-Ho Saga

Am I the only person who thinks Cody Hodgson needs to have two hands on the stick more often?  Perhaps then he would convert those open net tap-ins.

Anyhow, props to CoHo for crashing the net hard to pop in a goal last night.  And he showed the skill that got him drafted 10th overall in a stacked draft class when he feathered a puck in to the slot on the powerplay. 

He still looks slow...too slow to be an NHL centre.  I would really like to see the Canucks give him this whole season in the AHL to grow and develop.  It worked wonders for the likes of Ryan Kesler, Jason Spezza, etc...

I'm pleased to see the skill set is there, but with all the unfortunate setbacks CoHo has had he really needs full healthy year of pro hockey to grow those talents.  Besides, he's not performing like the best prospect even and with the lack of games for vets and the number of injured returning players it seems more beneficial to the team to keep a few veteran guys around to start the year.

Jordan Schroeder looks like a terrier.  His dogged pursuit of pucks was definitely noticed.

Hopefully Steve Pinizzotto can bounce back from this inury quickly and work with Schroder and Hodgson on a top unit with AHL Chicago.  His power move early in the game drew a powerplay.  That kind of effort will lead to goals and wins for the canucks if our PP performs as it did last year.

In my opinion Pinizzotto has looked great, perhaps even good enough to bump Vic Oreskovich from the highly contested fourth line winger job. Since he's hurt I'd say Mike Duco has probably earned the spot.  He looks awesome, and so does Lapierre.

Nolan looked slow but made a few cagey plays...that oughta keep him around a while, unless the groin is as bad as it seems.

I'm really excited by what I see in our system.  Not a lot of absolute top-tier offensive talent amongst the forwards but a lot of blossoming responsible depth players.

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