Monday, June 6, 2011

tired....oh, so tired

I felt exhausted after the mid point of the second period. Tired of one of the NHLs biggest let-downs: it's inabillity to let a series develop organically.  They've taken the wonder and amazement out of the best championship of any organized sport and reduced it to the WWE.

For the most part the end result is unchanged but the script is so blaze, I feel like I'm watching 'The Contest' episode for the 16th time...only when Kramer bursts through the door fifteen seconds in to the challenge I don't laugh, instead, I hoh-humm as yet another player is thrown out of the circle.  It doesn't do much to the course of a game, but add it up and eventually a miss-match in the dot and boom, a goal.  One team is way ahead, better try to make it close with make-up calls.  And what is an icing anymore? I challenge one person associated with the NHL to give me a clear answer. 

The league has done a great job to add to the ambiguity to give more options in pulling the strings of an NHL contest like a master pupateer...the problem is their great creation is indeed not a real boy.

Aaron Rome's clean open-ice hit on Nathan Horton was the perfect opportunity for the NHL to extend it's biggest showcase.  Conveniently the newly created five minute interference penalty gave the host team a whole five minutes on the PP and shorted Van a depth d-man, a position that's already lacking, but it backfired, so we had to see a slew of brutal calls, and to wrap up this hockey equivelant of a wet-fart fans were subjected to a bizarr-o ejection fest.

I'm not so hard-edge to think that someone is profittin illegally from this, other than the NHL playing their hand to their advantage, but someone is definitely getting ripped off: the fans.  Shouldn't it be about satisfying the paying customer?  Or like in successful hockey markets will the NHL just continue to turn it's hardcore fan bases in to it's own personal whipping post?

It could be worse, in basketball the referees take bribes to make questionable calls that do little other than effect the score of a game not the Win-Loss column, in NHL it's a mandate of their employer. 

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