Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rome Hit Sensationalized

I read a story on my homepage this morning about the Aaron Rome hit that ocurred in the early part of the first period of last night's Stanley Cup Final Game really got under my skin.

The report claimed Rome left his feet to make the hit when in actuallity his feet were firmly planted on the ground at the point of impact.  It was a borderline late him, sure, but don't make it worse than it actually was.  When a big impact like that happens on the ice in the trolly-tracks both players involved will lose their footing, which did happen after the hit, but that is too often mistaken for intnentionally leaving the feet to make the hit.

Don't make these hits worse than they are.  The reason Nathan Horton suffered a severe concussion (and any hockey fan, Canuck or Bruin, should feel horribly for the result of the hit and for Horton) is because the impact in neutral ice is so insanely huge now without obstruction.  The NHL is punishing it's own players by playing the game under the new rules they implemented to try to make the game more interesting to the casual fan, and they did this with utter disregard for the poeple on the ice.

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