Friday, February 17, 2012

Internal Cap, Internal Schmap

So, let's say you're Henrik or Daniel Sedin, and Mike Gillis asks if you'd be ok with Rick Nash and his 7.8 million dollar cap coming to town, what would you say?

This seems to be the big objection, and it made sense, when innitial reports that Vancouver was not one of the five teams that Nash would consider, however, since then we have heard that if Schneider is in play Vancouver is an option.

What the Sedin-sympathizers are forgetting is the gian elephant already in the lockerroom, that of Roberto Luongo and his retirement contract.  If I were in the Twins' shoes, I'd probably have a bigger problem with Lou's long term deal than Nash' bigger money deal.

Also very important to consider is the fact that Nash is arguably worth more.  He has lead the league in goals, scored 40+ twice, 30 or more 6 times, all on one of the leagues' worst teams.  That's twice as many 30 goal seasons as the Twins combined.  His points totals may not be there, but he is younger, and, arguably the best one-on-one talent in the league, with a plethora of other skills to back up his salary.

Also, he negotiated that contract with a small market team with lots of cap space and no stars.  Henrik and Daniel probably realized they could've gotten 8 mil from any cellar dweller with cap space, but they chose to stay here because they want to win - so why object to adding Nash if you could?  He could be the missing peice!

The other big objection to adding Nash is the cost.  Cory Schneider would most definitely be involved, and most feel we'll need two goalies.  But, in reality, Schneider is a waste because AV won't use him when he should, and Nash will be about as big a ticket as the Schneider chip could possibly punch.

If I wake up tomorrow and Cory Schneider, Mason Raymond, a prospect and two first rounders are headed to Columbus for Rick Nash I'll be the fourth happiest man in Vancouver, behind Henrik, Daniel and Mike Gillis.

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